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Think Health Instead Of Dieting!

Stop The “Diet Trap” And Believe In Yourself. Just change your mindset from if I lost 10 lbs I will be okay and replace it with; I am okay and I believe that I am unique in spice of being … Continue reading

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Eat Beets And Beat the Heat

As a child I disliked beets and would give my portion to my dog whenever, my mother was not looking. Perhaps, because they were from a can and filled with salt and chemicals. Today, I only buy fresh organic and … Continue reading

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Lets Play Food Trivia!

Can You Guest My Name? Am I a flower? Am I a vegetable? Am I a fruit? Can You Eat Me? What Season Can you find me? Am I a tiny alien spaceship? Who brought me North? Do dieter’s like … Continue reading

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Did You Guess My Name?

I am called Patty Pan Squash and yes, you can eat me. No, I am not a flower but I grow a beautiful yellow flower before I mature. No, I am not an alien and I did not come on … Continue reading

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