Think Health Instead Of Dieting!

Logo 10-11-12Stop The “Diet Trap” And Believe In Yourself.

Just change your mindset from if I lost 10 lbs I will be okay and replace it with; I am okay and I believe that I am unique in spice of being over weight.

The problem is not with weight gain but a learned conditioning of feeling “okay” about who you are. Everyday, the TV, radio and magazines are conditioning us to believe “thin” is acceptable and being overweight is not.

Accepting your uniqueness, and believing in yourself is more powerful towards losing weight then dieting. Something else to consider, approaching weight lost by unlearning the unhealthy eating habits that have created imbalances in the bodymindspirit’s interconnection.

Some questions to ponder:

  • How does your present eating habits contribute to you weight gain?
  • What thoughts or actions motivate your food choices?
  • What motivates you to lose weight?
  • Do you believe that if you are thin, you will feel okay and accept yourself?
  • Others will accept you if you are thin?
  • Do you eat when nervous?
  • Is your need to decrease weight motivated by health?

This need for thinness creates only separation, alienation and decreased nutrition for your body, mind and spirit’s well being. Not a wise choice!

I ask you, whenever, you think, “dieting” or “weight loss” do you get the feeling of emptied, deprived and restricted?

No wonder diets fail! How about replacing “dieting” with a better state of health?

How does that feel? Now, lets substitute “weight loss” with increasing feelings of self worth. Do you sense any change?

Replacing the old mindset dieting to become thin and replacing it with a positive attitude of health rather then “image”. This mind set is more beneficial to your emotional wellbeing.

Eating is a sacred act and may these words guide you to greater health and happiness; “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates.

Remember, the power to heal lies within you and health is your birthright and disease takes away that right.

Start on your journey today order a nutritional consultation and create a healthier you.

Patricia R. Blumhagen’s Bio

I am an Interfaith Minister, Registered Nurse, and Certified Nutritional Consultant, as well as a grower of organic herbs. As an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Coach, and Certified Nutritionist, my concern is finding the best approach to assist individuals in connecting with their souls and in birthing their hidden potentials.

Contact Number: 1-414-229-8179


About patricia720

Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach, nutritional counseling, Indie author of: Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, cooking and nature. My passion is to encourage and empower others to release, rebirth, reclaim their authentic self. I live in the beautiful Berkshire, MA and enjoy the four seasons. I like to sit on my porch and view the sunrise and sunset. Walking in the early morning and listening to the birds songs is a gift I give to myself. I am a searcher and dreamer and love learning.
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