Cholesterol: The Real Story

Cholesterol: The Real Story

Beware of those products that say on their packages,
“No Cholesterol”. The real story is that they are loaded with
empty nutrients, chemicals and saturated fats. All
harmful to your health.

But the product states, “No Cholesterol” and my doctor
said, ”I have cholesterol”.  So eating the product is okay?
Wrong! Be honest with yourself and stop the illusion.
You do not need to play games with your health. Moreover,
you do not need anyone’s permission to buy or eat anything.

Your health choices are your own.

     Health is your responsibility, you are in control of your
choices. Do not allow another to take your freedom away.
Know that the manufacture has only one thing in mind- to
get you to buy their product. they are not concern about your
health but to control your motions to buy.  Beware, of the
gimmicks they use to get you to believe the product is okay
for people with cholesterol.

The real story of cholesterol is in the packaging.

     Let’s read the label on a package marked,“NO Cholesterol”.
Enriched flour, okay, not bad if you want to spend your hard-earned
money on a item that offers unhealthy fats.

Continue reading: For every ounce of the product
you get 5 mg of fat. What’s wrong? The product weights
14 ounces, so if you multiply—5×14, you get 70 grams of
fat. I thought the product said, “No Cholesterol”?

Is sugar high on the list? You bet it is, along with
starches. These are the fellows that create the saturated
fatty acids responsible for an unhealthy heart and
vascular system. Moreover, they are the one that raise
the cholesterol and interferes with the body’s mechanism
to product its own cholesterol.

The truth is the body is designed to product cholesterol.
So, when the cells are low the body increases cholesterol
and when high the body reduces the flow. A wonderful
feedback for regulating the body’s cholesterol. The liver
produces 75% of cholesterol. This feedback is a safe
way for the body to balance its cellular need for cholesterol.

The problem arises when the body becomes overloaded
with unhealthy fats from process food, (powered eggs),
saturated oils. (canola and margarine) simple sugars
(candy, cakes) unrefined carbohydrates are the starches,
(white bread/pasta, chips, and soda)—these disrupt the
internal balance of the feedback for cholesterol production.

Where does the excess get dump? In the liver, heart,
arteries, kidney and muscles; here atherosclerosis, liver and
kidney degeneration, tumors, obesity, rheumatic diseases
and diabetes have their origin.

What are the good fats?

  •  LA (Linolenic acid)
  • ALA(Alpha Linolenic Acid)

Were to find the Essential Fatty Acids?

The best places to get the essential fatty acids are from plants.
Nature’s healing medicine –the beautiful healing qualities from
flowers like the Sunflower, Safflower, Borage, flax seed and
pumpkin seeds. They have a certain enzyme that we do not have
in our body and that is why they are called essential fatty acids
because the body cannot make them.

That is why ingesting plant food, like vegetables (spinach) are
vital to consume and help our body stay well. Nuts (walnuts)
and seeds (pumpkin and flax seeds) and their oils and olive oil.
The riches source of the omega 3 essential fatty acids is flax
seed oil. Best to buy organic oils for safely from the chemicals
and GMO by products.

It takes more than not eating packages marked
“NO Cholesterol” to stay healthy. Reading the labels takes time,
but it is your guide towards a healthier you.

Do you have questions about health related issues with cholesterol?
Or other health issues contact me:

© 2015 Patricia R. Blumhagen – All rights reserved

Posted 1/24/2015








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