My Name is Common Sage

I grow beautiful green leaves that you can add to breads, butter, stuffing, cheeses and meat. My warm homey aroma will give you a feeling of comfort. Put me in some tea to warm you.

I am easy to grow and I love the sun shinning on me. Patricia, enjoys me in her garden, and when she comes near to check on me, she adds some lady bugs to protect me from pests. She is careful before watering me, because I do not like my roots soaked.

Sometimes, Patricia will quietly sit near me and listen with her heart to learn about my healing medicine.  She likes to teach others about growing me in their gardens, and using me to bring healing to those they love.

You see, my name Salvia comes from the Latin word Salvere, meaning “to be saved” or “to be healed”. I was sacred to the Greets and Romans, I hope you will experience my healing wisdom.

About patricia720

Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach, nutritional counseling, Indie author of: Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, cooking and nature. My passion is to encourage and empower others to release, rebirth, reclaim their authentic self. I live in the beautiful Berkshire, MA and enjoy the four seasons. I like to sit on my porch and view the sunrise and sunset. Walking in the early morning and listening to the birds songs is a gift I give to myself. I am a searcher and dreamer and love learning.


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